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Le Trebuchet at a Glance

Best described as ‘Cage-Free Rock & Roll’, Le Trebuchet leads audiences on a desert-fueled psychedelic experience; nodding to every decade along the way.

“In the vault that is Americana, rock 'n' roll remains one of the truest forms of raw freedom. And back before streaming music and jumping around from song to song, we had the radio — cranking up dials, rocking out in bedrooms and with cruiser tops down. It is from this place that the music of four-piece Le Trebuchet comes from” 

-Phoenix New Times

Le Trebuchet's Story

Where They Came From

Jeff Nickell (Memphis) and Jay Meyer (San Diego) met while jamming on the corner of Aspen and San Francisco Street in downtown Flagstaff, Arizona. In 2011, the two songwriters started playing together in several bands, exploring a wide range of genres, including Bluegrass, Americana, and Blues, and Folk, but they finally settled on a 'Desert Surf Rock' style that would later become ‘Le Trebuchet.’  

Alec Mayes (Philadelphia) and Alec Tippett (Flagstaff)—yes, two men named Alec— joined the band in 2015 and immediately began to influence Le Trebuchet’s style.  

In 2016, the band received a mention on NPR's website for their Tiny Desk Contest submission, 'Sage Filled Cigarette'. Filmed at the Hotel Monte Vista, this video featured a rather un-Tiny desk. Later that year they were nominated by the Flagstaff Arts Council for a Viola Award in the Emerging Artist category.  The Viola Awards are Flagstaff’s local Oscars that celebrate excellence in Arts & Sciences.  

When all four members come together, they contribute their unique styles, influences, and qualities, which they refer to as 'Cage Free Rock'N'Roll,’ their own signature style. 

The musicians love meeting to play, but they each lead separate and interesting lives keeping them apart for much of the year: Jay is an archaeologist, Alec M. is a semi-pro mountain biker, Jeff is a backcountry/river guide in the Grand Canyon, and Alec T. is a full-time musician. 

If you're lucky enough to catch the band live, make sure that you savor the opportunity.  If not, check them out on Spotify or some of their psychedelic videos on their YouTube Channel